Professional Plumber for Your drain problem  

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Guus Hiddink - success coach on all fronts  

Guus Hiddink. It is a concept in the world of football. This successful coach knows the world of football teams to get the right tone at the store and he knows the players on the tactical field. He is currently coach of Russia. That he was the team defeated the Netherlands in the last World Cup in Germany (2006), the Dutch did not to blame and that is very sporty.

Guus Hiddink is itself began in 1967 as a footballer, who also scored remarkably often. He has played in various clubs. At the end of his football life a few years in the United States.

A bright career?
In 1981 he started as an assistant coach to quickly learn to be head coach at PSV Eindhoven, a club in the south of the Netherlands (in 1985). Immediately, he was very successful: 3 times landskampioen, 3x and even the cup winner of the Eurocup in 1988! Since then his name was established and he goes abroad to train: Fenerbah├že in Turkey, Valencia in Spain. He was not very successful and regularly exchanged in those early years of club ...

But in 1994 he became coach of the Netherlands and that is good. The team plays well and they come far during the European Championship in England in 1996 and 2 years later at the World Cup in France in 1998 even the semi-finals. He is working at Real Madrid, but not for long. Then at Real Betis Sevilla, but not for long. In 2000 Hiddink coach of South Korea towards the 2002 World Cup in South Korea and Japan. That makes a sensational good South Korean football team and in the whole world is now known as Hiddink success coach.

He goes back for PSV works. And immediately successful: they are again several times landskampioen and cup winner.
Hiddink in 2006 at the same time coach of Australia for the World Cup in Germany and again he knows a team far: the 8th finals. That Australia had never been performed. He is asked as coach of Russia. And he is now. With much success. Russia is a unit fresh and surprisingly good plays. Hiddink has rejuvenated the team and they learn quickly ...

In 2009, an icon of international football
In between - that just does Guus - he became champion in 2009 in England - with Chelsea, the team owner Abrahamovich-a Russian. It was not so well with the rich club. And when was that Hiddink as strong. The 2009 Champions League with Chelsea, he has not won. But scheelde not much, the game was a smell of foul play ... Hiddink was also very angry. But even he could not change.

What is the secret of Guus?
There are success coaches and there are Romme boot from club to club move. The successful coaches almost always know the whole thing to their hands and the conditions for success in building. When you topvoetbal access between the ears of players. Each of those guys know very well what he can. But if he will show depends on many factors. Hiddink is able to get players sharp, even if they do not always be TOP. Not always on the tops of their skills. A strong human approach and highly successful team of the reasons he was dutte millionaires and he gets all neusjes of salmon in the right direction. Kudos! Because it means that his teams usually beautiful and inspired football brings. And that's it all about.

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World Cup Soccer 2010, the home advantage of Ecuador  

It is for many countries an impregnable fortress: Estadio Olimpico Atanhualpa in the capital of Ecuador. Not the huge crowd, not the witch kettle of Turkish stadiums, but the height is the biggest opponent of the visitors. The stadium is located at 2850 meters altitude. And that is harmful to the oxygen supply.

Home Advantage
Home advantage is a concept in sport. Play your home, then you often perform better than the visitors. In football this is the "twelfth man" said. In some stadiums, it is a "witch boiler" by the impressive audience (eg in Turkey), but sometimes it is the huge crowd (more than 80,000 spectators) or the construction of the stadium (steep or near the field) that opponents impressive. Ecuador has a very special twelfth man. Sky. The rarefied air in the Estadio Olimpico Atahualpa makes it an often impregnable fortress to top.

The effects of altitude and thin air
Height is by definition a natural enemy of man. The higher the man is, the more load, the body of the height. Above 2,000 meters (above sea level) will be noticeable. The oxygen supply of the body becomes disrupted. Also called "secondary processes" become unbalanced. This results in a lower coordination, headache and decreasing concentration. All factors that topvoetballer need to flourish. Ecuador plays good advantage at home duels always to work in this stadium. Conversely, the Ecuadorian has not bothered if they play at a lower level. They will even do better than in Quito, but the huge home advantage is gone. And that is between the ears ...

Extinction also Ecuadorian
The decline, manifested in headaches, nausea by lack of oxygen, occurs when opponents of Ecuador quickly. By the time the opponent is exhausted, are still fresh and the Ecuadorian fit on the field. This fresh and fit is compared with the opponent. The Ecuadorian themselves suffering under the extreme altitude and thin air, but their decline is smaller. To "accustomed" to become accustomed to the rarefied air, an adversary weeks at an altitude above 2,500 meters to stay and train. But what this team has left for a qualifier?

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Build your dream mountain bike  

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Record Season FC Barcelona (season 2008-2009)  

The 2008-2009 season was the best year for the Spanish football club FC Barcelona. Several records were broken. After victory in the UEFA Champions League, the Spanish State and the Spanish Cup championship is the right to compete for the 2009 Spanish Super Cup and the FIFA World Cup for clubs.

The Copa del Rey, the first prize
On May 13, 2009 FC Barcelona played the Spanish cup final against Athletic Bilbao. The final was played in Valencia. The Catalans had just a busy first half of May behind us, with a monster win against Real Madrid and two major races (April 28 and May 6) against Chelsea FC in the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League. On May 10 FC Barcelona has played against equal Villareal FC (FC Barcelona closed the first half still 3-1 for, but in the final phase Joseba Llorente knew the position at 3-3), which champion celebration at Camp Nou had to be postponed.

Initially it seemed as FC Barcelona at the shortest end it. A Rake kopval of Toquero gave Athletic Bilbao in the 9th minute lead. Toure led the state in the 31th with a thunderous shot right after an impressive solo from the own half. After peace was FC Barcelona take the field for the job to finish. In the 55th and 59th minute was called settled. After a nice rebound shot Messi the ball is determined in (2-1). Bojan Krkic made it 3-1 with a sophisticated dozers of. Xavi made the final five minutes later (4-1) at the plate with an effective free kick. FC Barcelona, the 25th Copa del Rey in.

La Liga, the second prize
On May 16, 2009 was officially landskampioen FC Barcelona of Spain, after closest challenger Real Madrid that day to Villareal FC 3-2 undermined it. On May 17, 2009 FC Barcelona but was like a loss for the party choice. Mallorca was lost 2-1 to Real Club Deportivo Mallorca. Eto'o gave the Catalans in the tenth minute lead. But in the 73ste and 78ste minute, the party away. In injury time Eto'o could have a tie in the win, but he missed the penalty.

In view of the UEFA Champions League final a few days later, coach Josep Guardiola brought the strongest team was not in position. Eto 'o and the Rome suspended Abidal were the only solid basis on which players May 24 against Osasuna Pamplona arrival recommended. In Camp Nou was lost 1-0 in the relegation candidate. Despite the disturbed homage to the Copa del Rey and La Liga not.

UEFA Champions League, the third prize
In Rome, for the third time the main trophy for European clubs conquered. Manchester United FC was losing finalist. The Argentine football miracle, Lionel Messi played a leading role with a brilliant header in the final 2-0 on the scoreboard down to. Messi was already at the age of 17 his debut in the first team of FC Barcelona (2004-2005 season). Due to an injury - occurred on March 7, 2006 - he then missed the winning completed final of the Champions League on May 17, 2006. So he called the gains in Rome the most beautiful victory of his life.
Messi won another prize inside, since he joined the Champions League as Top Scorers. In total he scored nine times in the UEFA Champions League season 2008-2009.

The other striker, Samuel Eto'o, knew both the previous and the final score. Thierry Henry, wholesaler pricing, finally won his first UEFA Champions League, following on May 17, 2006 still at the losing team, Arsenal FC, have acted.

The records from 2008-2009

* Evenaarde FC Barcelona on October 23 the record of the largest uitzege in the UEFA Champions League. Against FC Basel was won 5-0. AS Monaco, Chelsea FC, FC Porto and Valencia CF also won ever with such figures.
* On February 2, 2009 FC Barcelona made the 5000ste goal of the club in La Liga. Lionel Messi had the honor to do that in the duel won 2-1 against Racing Santander.
* With 1 game to close the final FC Barcelona La Liga with the highest number of points: now 86. The previous record was both the name of FC Barcelona (2004-2005: 85 points in 38 games) and Real Madrid, in the 2007-2008 season the series concluded with 85 points from 38 matches.
* FC Barcelona already broke the record for most points midway through the season. After 19 rounds of play did FC Barcelona 50 points to achieve (16 won, 2 lost and 1 equivalent), 3 more than the 47 points which earned Real Madrid in 1997-1998. This number was obtained by FC Barcelona with 59 goals, an average of 3.1 per game, also a record.
* With 1 game to close FC Barcelona 2008-2009 season with the most league goals in club history. The previous record was made in the 1996-1997 season: 143 points (60 matches). After 60 matches FC Barcelona is now 156.
* The three strikers of FC Barcelona were together 71 of the 104 La Liga goals of FC Barcelona (37 matches). Eto'o was good for 29 goals, Messi was 23 and Henry traveled there 19.

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